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Operations Connector for Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) integrates event and topology data from Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) to Operations Bridge Manager.


The OEM Integration Content for Operations Connector section provides content for integrating with Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM).

It provides the following high-level functionality:

  • Event integration
  • Metric integration
  • Topology model


Operations Connector for Oracle Enterprise Manager 03.11.033
283.1 MB
Aug 14, 2018
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Product Compatibility
Operations Bridge Manager (OBM ex OMi)
Version 10.0 · 10.10 · 10.11 · 10.12 · 10.60 · 10.61
Release Notes

Operations Connector for Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) integrates Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) and Operations Bridge Manager  so that the gathered systems management data about the events, topology, and metrics in an OEM environment is made available to OBM. Such data can then be monitored and processed properly within OBM . Operations Connector for OEM therefore enables you to establish a link between an OEM environment and operations management in OBM. 

The integration provides the following functionality:   

- Alert Integration: Integrate OEM alerts to Operations Bridge Manager

- Topology Integration: Integrate OEM topology with Operations Bridge Manager 

- Metric Integration: Collect & Visualize performance metrics from OEM domain manager at Operations Bridge Manager 

- Mapping of the collected data to an OBM-compliant form  

- Customization of the data collection and data mapping  

- Out-of-the-box performance dashboard  

 The key features of this release are: 

- Support OEM 13c Domain Manager  

- Integrate Oracle Pluggable database with OBM

- New Database policy for Metric Integration 

- New JDBC collector for Topology Integration 

- New Performance dashboard 

- OEM topology integration view 

- Post-release U/H defects 

The following versions of Oracle Enterprise Manager are supported by this connector release:  

- Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g 

- Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c 

- Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c 

Please see the Integration Guide for additional information and instructions. The new Integration Guide supersedes previous integration guide that was available in previous product releases. 

It requires an Operations Connector 10.01 or higher on a supported Windows or Linux operating system.

Release Notes :

Added the new Re-branded content


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